{August 1, 2012}   Finding Beauty in Small places

It’s been an interesting year. There were moments that I thought I was all grown up. I was the big girl. I WAS ON TOP! I had a job, I was getting close to someone special…had friends.
But I quickly had to learn to fall, to rise back up. There is nothing I regret of this year. Because I grew. I’m no where near a grown-up, but I grew!
No, I’m still short. But I’m a happy girl. I feel strong for the first time…in…I don’t know!
I’m strong. I’m here. My name is Lita and I’m PROUD. I am going to stand tall with no hate towards myself. I saw myself naked in some photos I shot on Friday. Instead of freaking out…I went. “Huh, my tummy is there. Cool.”
Was it the angle? Was it looking through thousands of photos? Who knows. But today I saw myself. I saw my eyes. I saw my hair. My smile…
My smile. You know, I have seen it…But I haven’t SEEN it. The last two shoots I have done have shown me, who I am. Where my smile is. Where my heart is.
I’m happy. All because of the people who have taught me that I am me. I no longer walk in doubt. I no longer walk in a fog. I am a strong girl. I love my friends…
For months I have been showered with love, affection, kindness, and a good swift kick in the ass when I needed it. They have helped me pick up from where I left off so many years ago.
Last week I wanted to cry from happiness. I had people spoil me for my birthday. Today I got COUNTLESS of “Happy birthday” wishes from all over. I was given love and gifts. The gifts I appreciate wholeheartedly. Not because of your typical, “OH I NEED GIFTS NAO”…But because everything was thought with me in mind.
My friends know me so well now. And I thank them.

I want to give back all the love they have given me. The confidence. The smiles.
I want to continue to be the strong confident girl that I have become. I want to show them that nothing is gonna stop me…I’m going to always be Lita.
I know where I stand. I know who I am.
I stand with my bow ready, aiming for my next goal.


{July 26, 2012}   Starting out

Hello! I am so new to this. A friend recommended it to me since I’ve been trying to get my name out there.

So. Here it goes.
My name is Lita…I do modeling. I also am a huge geek and love all sorts of geeky things.
I would say more, but Danny Phantom is distracting me, as well as my sleepiness.
SO! I will talk later. Peace~

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